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Tucked into Artists Alley In Downtown Delray Beach, the Walker Romaine Gallery features Contemporary Fine Art, Art Installation and Fine Art Framing.


Amelie Grooscors

The idea of landscape fascinates me for its endless compromise with modernity and how it inevitably becomes informed by architecture, hence human intervention. The bulk of my work resides in the study of residual spaces left at the juncture where indigenous cultures, virgin territories or unclaimed spaces meet with industrialism. By channeling these conceptions by memory onto pieces through an abstract lens, I play on their formal aspects and their materiality and, through an abstract painter’s struggles, try to convey the intangible feel and the subtle characteristics of such universes.

One could say that architecture and abstraction find a common ground in my art through ambiguous sites similar to dreamscapes, resembling unsolved maps to some unknown territories.  I am intrigued by appearances of what is left behind and how these places and things evolve.

Steve Blackwood

For over 20 years Steve Blackwood has been producing sculptures that reside in museums, international and private collections and galleries throughout the US. His work tells stories. The idea the objects have had a unique history of their own. By joining the individual elements together to create new objects he gives them a new life that reminds us of where we have come from. That life is amazing and complex. Our youthful memories are revived once again.

Ellyn Chafetz

Mixed media is the perfect medium for using color with flair to represent the unconventional. The strong abstract qualities of the positive and negative space give dynamic movement to the composition, which is a creative interpretation of the subject rather than a reflection of it. Both two and three dimensional space is suggested by texturizing and layering shapes and painting.

Susan Romaine

Susan's work has an intimacy to it that transports you into the life of the subject. Small towns, the church spires, the barn in the field. Glimpses of the world from the path less taken. Architecture, color and light come together in a synergy that invites you in and whispers its story to you.

"My search for inspiration this past year had me taking the long way home or to my destination. What I found were small towns and often solitary sites of commerce that had been bypassed by the mass movement of people on our highways; the inner part of America that we usually don't see, the part often most affected by the events of our times -- past and present -- and that in one way or another evoke a sense of valiance in the face of adversity.”

Magnus Sebastian

Captivated by the idea of alternative perspectives I want those who inspect my work to see the beauty of form and be intrigued by the mechanical foundations. I want the viewer to be drawn to the illusory patinas and mechanisms – to walk the line between dream and reality and experience the loss of humanity that technology has wrought.

Abbey Funk

I am a Conceptual artist. I create with purpose and for a reason. Through my chosen mediums of Clay and Metal, I express emotions and ideas. I create tangible stories that are always ready to be shared, infinitely patient in their completion. I create environments. I show Truth. I intend for the viewer to question.


Margaret Walker

With a lifetime's involvement in the art world, Maggie brings a unique and innovative style to custom framing.  Using local natural materials, hardwood and fine finishes she can bring your artwork to life.  All her creations are hand finished in our studio in Delray Beach.


Our services include...

Consultation : We look at your art collection as a whole advising on how you can add, remove and re-frame art to bring out your collections maximum potential.

Design : Coordinate your art within your home furnishings, advise on lighting and placement.

Installation : Professionally and safely hang your artwork.







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